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Have you ever walked in an office, cruelly served and wished you were the on the other side of the desk, because you’d do a better job? What annoyed you the most?

Everyday companies are interviewing and absorbing staff daily, of cos with the required certificates. However, I hope you know IQ is not the only ‘Q’ you should have acquired to be a successful employee in any enterprise in whatever department. We have EQ, SQ and an aggregate of this helps one to attain at least basic business etiquette.

You may be asking, what is business etiquette? It is simply the ability to build a strong relationship in your field by fostering better communication. Some key traits that portraits business etiquette is; appropriate dressing, speaking kindly of others, showing interest in others, avoids gossiping, just to mention a few.

Did you ever have a colleague or a boss that you really admired from his/her work ethics, to how they interacted with people? What is that you admired the most? As they say great people share something in common. Personally, am attracted to people with a great personality, feels like a fragrance. I have come to learn business etiquette and admirable interpersonal relationship is intentionally created by an individual; small steps in this journey goes a long way. A secret I’ll leave you with is criticism, rejection, misunderstandings, will be part of this journey and will help you learn on becoming a maestro in business etiquette and interpersonal relationship. 


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